Meal Service & Planning

Our meal service includes a meal pack with four main entrees along with sides. Meals are packed in 16 oz containers and are great to share with others or for multiple meals during the week. 

Meal planning services are available on an individual basis. Includes recipes and one-on-one coaching with Chef Maria. 

Our items are 100% vegan and showcase the amazing flavors of ancestral foods. The menu changes from week to week but items may also be purchased individually. Place your order by Thursday at 11 pm and food will be available for pick up or delivery on Sunday.

* Smoothie Verde
   Pineapple, nopal, cilantro, lime, kale, cucumber &         


* Bomba Berry Smoothie
   Banana, mixed berries, açaí powder, and chia

* Superfood smoothie
   Piña, avocado, spinach, amaranth, maca, chia, cacao,  

   chia, hemp and moringa.


* Luna Smoothie

   Light blend of watermelon, strawberry, lime and chia


* Brewed black tea with canela, unsweetened

   (decaf available)

* Canela tea, unsweetened

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