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What we've been working on!

Our immediate response to the broken food systems in the state, Sana Sana Foods and the Cihuapactli Collective have partnered up to provide resources to our community.

Sana Sana has been providing our Indigenous Mobile Food Pantry on a weekly basis at the Spaces of Opportunity Farmers Market as well as providing food to residents of South Phoenix. 

We have been receiving donations and sending them out to areas in need. We will continue to provide support when needed and as long as supplies are available.

Below is a breakdown of what was collected and redistributed. We are currently working on resources to help local folks specifically in the area of South Phoenix.

Thank you to all who worked the land, packaged the goods, coordinated deliveries and are still working on items to help support our community.

There is still much work to be done. There are many working endlessly to sanitize, sort goods and delivery items throughout the country. Communicate with local Mutual Aide groups and #beagoodancestor.

Thank you Pinole BlueRamona FarmsQuetzal Co-OpTanka BarJnantik Mayan SuperfoodsGo With The FlowDeeCilla Comfort CenterNDNCollective and Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples for your amazing contributions & labor of love for Indigenous Peoples!


Lastly, thanks to the Coatl AZ: Off Road - Overland - Outdoors truck for making the pick ups and deliveries!!



#indigenousfoodways #indigenousfoodsovereignty #traditionalknowledgekeepers

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